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The Samourais newsletter contains a lot of important information about upcoming events and changes.

Dear Samourais,

We hope that you have had a good start of the new study year, even with the whole situation surrounding corona. In any case, we want to wish you a happy Christmas and New Year holiday.

For the association, this has been a turbulent time. First of all, almost the whole board changed! We currently have Keita Špēla as chairperson, Christian van Bracht as treasurer, Anton Halma as secretary, Arjan Derks as commissioner of activities and Elif Sorkun as commissioner of communication. This leaves only Christian from the old board. The official switch was made at the GMM of this year. Secondly, we have had to put a halt on training twice already, and for some time we were only allowed to give trainings under very strict rules to ensure that the trainings were as safe as they could be.

Next to organizing activities, we have also made an Instagram account (@esbvsamourais) which is managed by our commissioner of communication Elif. Our Facebook account is active (re)posting @home training videos too. With these platforms, we try to keep you up to date on the association and try to provide you with some budo-supplements in these weird times where we are not allowed to train. We have organized two drinks up until now. At the last drink on 12 December, we had a pubquiz, which was won by Charles.


Giving a road plan for activities this year is hard due to the corona ordeal, but we are doing some ‘improvisational planning’ to keep organizing online drinks and have some fun competitions. Our commissioner of activities Arjan is planning to make the second Saturday of the month a Samourais club night, to make sure members still have a place to meet. Throughout the year, we will use WhatsApp and our site to promote and give information about activities we are planning. Currently, we still have a Christmas-gi decoration competition going on! We challenge you to do your most creative Christmas pose in a gi. You can then share this photo with the board either via PM or preferably, via the Samouralls WhatsApp group. There is even a prize for the winner(s).

General updates

After the Christmas holiday is over, we are still not allowed to train immediately. The current lockdown will last until 19 January and the measures for after the lockdown will be discussed a week earlier. Until this time, we cannot say if we will be able to train again in January, but of course we hope a safe training situation will have returned by then.

On a happier note, we have several members who passed their exams this year. Tuncay, Chiara, Christian, Keita, Elly and Pjotr all passed the Aikido exam on 13 November. For Judo, Arjan, Christian (again!), Dennis, Merle and Jeroen passed their exam. Once again, we congratulate you on passing!

Kind regards,

Anton Halma Secretary E.S.B.V. Samourais