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Newsletter Apr-May 2019

Newsletter Apr-May 2019

The Samourais newsletter contains a lot of important information about upcoming events and changes.

Dear members,

Due to exams, phd and personal circumstances within the board, the last two newsletters never left. To compensate this, there is a lot of news this time!

Activities organised by the association

As was indicated in previous newsletters, the board is searching for activities within the association, to bring the sports closer together and improve the contact between the members. For this all help from the members is appreciated! Both ideas and hands for activities are welcome. Currently there are several activities in the planning, like the restarting of the general trainings and the Samourais BBQ!

General training

The general training were trainings on Saturdays, during which we trained 2 of our represented sports. During these trainings different aspects of the sports were handled than during regular trainings. This was to enable beginners to experience the sports, but also make it interesting for experiences practitioner. Since the reactions were mainly positive in the past, the board want to restart these trainings on a regular basis.

From the first of June, the board wants to start with a general training every first Saturday of the month. All members are welcome to these training, so also try to join once if both sports are new to you! We are unsure which sports are going to practised in June and July, we will keep you posted. Should you have a nice idea for training theme, let us know or apply to give an one hour training!

Exchange Nijmegen

Nijmegen indicated earlier that they were interested in a joint training, however this was planned during the exams. This was a little too impractical for their members.

For the second attempt Saturday the 8th of June was chosen, at 16.00-18.00h in the Dojo of the SSC. Nijmegen will join us in the Dojo and we'll hold a practical training with an emphasis on competitions. If you want to join the training, contact Fung or members of the board.

Should someone be unable to join the training, either due to injury of not having any experience in judo. Feel free to watch the training and/or join us for a beer afterwards


Everyone should have received a request to fill in a planner for the BBQ from Pia! As of today, you can sign up!

This planner resulted on Saturday the 15th of June, on campus next to Luna. The board will arrange meat, vegetables , beer, wine and soda. Should someone have preferences for their diet or be allergic, please inform the board. The expected costs will be around the €15, but this will be dependant on the amount of people who are joining. More information will follow in two weeks.

T-shirt action

Based on the positive reactions of last year, there will be a repeat of a t-shirt action, with the Samourais logo this year. This year member will shirt made of cotton or nylon. The expected costs are to be around €7,50. This will also be influenced by the type of shirt that is chosen.

General updates

De planning for the introduction week for next year is currently in the making. The Samourais will also be active to find new members. The board would appreciate it if members could help out with this, in the form of demonstrations and helping during the introduction trainings.

Due to the recent renovations, all the planned activities of the Samourais are also found on our website. To support this, the board will also start using Facebook events to plan activities. The board would like to request everyone to invite friends to join these either to get members informed about activities and to stimulate people to join us in the trainings.

Lastly, should people be available on Thursday the 16th of May. The chairman will be hosting his housewarming! For €5 pp, everyone is welcome to join for a fun night! For more info, contact Flin.

Kind regards

Thijs van der Linden
Secretary E.S.B.V. Samourais