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Newsletter Jan-Feb 2019

Newsletter Jan-Feb 2019

The Samourais newsletter contains a lot of important information about upcoming events and changes.

Dear members,

The February newsletter is summarizing our news from January and February because the first month of the year was too busy for us with exams and work. The next edition will hopefully be on time in beginning of March.

Activities organised by the association

The iaidio lesson on the 12th of January was a great success. You can check out pictures on our webpage and Facebook group. Continuing with this new tradition is our next Saturday training a mentoring class given by Mathijs Vermeulen. This is meant for all higher belts and all experiences budokas to better help less experienced members while learning new techniques. A date will be announced soon.

External activities

The sportcenter organises two events in the next months were we would like to participate. One idea was to join with a couple of people the self-defense class given on Saturday the 23rd of February. Let us know If you are interested!

On Saturday 23rd of February, after the self-defense class, there will be a introduction training in Karate. This training will be taught by Michel Jozen and joining is free of cost. If you are curious towards Karate, of you know someone that is, do not hesitate to join the 23rd!

On the 16th of March is the All Terrain Survival Challenge, which is an obstacle course of 5 km at our sport centrum in Eindhoven. We want to start there as teams to compete against other sport clubs of Eindhoven. More information you find here. From next week onwards we will hang a subscription list in the dojo. The costs are 20 €/p but we as a club will cover 5 € of it for you. If you are interested subscribe till the 1st of March.

General updates

Since 4th of February, judo and BJJ have an extra time slot!!

Judo has now an extra hour on Mondays from 22.00-23.00 after the general training, where Mathijs teaches exams training to focus on the techniques that you usually do not get during the year. This training is open for everyone.

BJJ has an extra training on every Wednesday from 21.30-23.00 where we welcome a new teacher Daniel Gyorev, who will focus on BJJ without a gi. Hope to see you in the dojo!

We also strive to modernize our webpage. Thanks to the help of Jimmy van Turnhout. Soon information on teachers and the board with pictures can be found here. Our next step is to add the explanation and introduction for the beginner course.

For the beginner courses in judo and karate we made flyers which we can give to potential new members. We want to make it easier for them to understand what they will learn and train in the course.

Kind regards

Pia Müller and Thijs van der Linden
E.S.B.V. Samourais