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Newsletter November 2018

Posted in Newsletters on Dec 04, 2018

Dear members,

To improve the communication between the board and the members of the association, the board will send an update on our activities and progress in the form of a newsletter. In this newsletter the most important and relevant points will be summarised and the planning for the activities for the coming period will be laid out. Our apologies for the lateness of this e-mail and that the next one will follow relatively soon. Due to the change in board and two members of the board being ill during the past weeks, there was quite a bit of delay in everything.

The upcoming activities will primarily be organised between activities organised by the board, activities organised by external parties in which the association is participating and changes in the regular schedule, like holidays, when there is no regular training. Should there be too many activities the option will be considered to differentiate between the sports the activity is targeted for, instead of the entire association.

Other changes, like the updating of our website by Jimmy van Turnhout, will also be mentioned under the heading of updates. This is to ensure everyone is aware of the changes taking place and allowing members to participate in these or suggest other changes. In the first newsletters we will mention nihonsport.nl as well, since the board feels that not all members are informed that all manner of materials can be ordered through this website with a discount, like sporting tape, sporting bags, protection and other accessories.

Activities organised by the association

With the inauguration of Pia Müller as our chief commissioner of activities the goal is to organise at least two activities every quartile, one social activity and one sporting activity.

Both of these are planned on Saturday the 12th of January. On this day Jimmy van Turnhout will provide a training of iaido (the art of drawing a katana, cutting the opponent, removing the blood from the blade and sheathing of the katana). This will take place in the dojo from 4pm to 6pm.

After this lesson and everyone has had a chance to clean themselves and eat something. The plan is to go lasergaming at Laser Quest Eindhoven with whomever wants to join, both people whom have and haven't participated in the training. There will be costs involved, based on the group size and the amount of time spent playing. The minimum expected costs will communicated at a later point in time.

For the iaido lessen it isn't essential to subscribe for the lessen, although it is nice to have an indication for how full the mat is going to be. This will allow us to plan ahead. For the lasergaming it is essential that people subscire, since we have to make reservations as a group and for this we need to give a number of people. Subscribing can be done by sending an e-mail to the board at: ESBVSamourais@gmail.com

External activities

Another upcoming series of activities is the van Lint week, from the 17th until the 20th of December. The association will be participating in a multitude of sports this year, for each of which a team is needed. Last year our team excelled in both the assault course and knotsball. Which turned into a successful and fun van Lint week, which we would like to repeat and improve with the following sports:

  • Twister XL (Tuesday, at least 4 people)
  • Dodgeball (Tuesday, at least 5 people)
  • Knotsbal (Wednesday, at least 5 people)
  • Gymnastics baseball (Wednesday, at least 5 people)
  • Assault course (Thursday, at least 5 people)

We look forward to hearing in which sports everyone want to participate. The official overview of sports by the ESSF is attached at the bottom of this e-mail, along with the link to the Facebook website where all the sports are described and explained. Should someone want to participate in another sport, assemble a team and inform the board, then the board can try to register for that sport as well. Should you be free on one of the given evenings, a supporting team is much appreciated and they can enjoy the atmosphere!

General updates

As mentioned above, is the association website, www.samourais.nl, being updated being updated by Jimmy van Turnhout. In collaboration with the board the plan is to rebuild the website in such a fashion that new people can find most all related information regarding the association, like how to become a member, and for the current member that all information regarding planned activities and special training can be found. Should you like it to write the text that will be used on the website, please let us know. Jimmy is still searching for someone to assist him in writing the text on the website.

The second update is the upcoming Christmas holiday, the two weeks after the van Lint Week. This means that everyone is free, including the personnel of the SSC. During these two week no lessons will be organised by the SSC. It is possible for people to train themselves, but this needs to be discussed with both the teachers and the board.

Another important point in time is December, which was the deadline for paying your membership. Everyone that has yet to pay their membership, but is still training, will receive a fine of €5 for being late for paying their membership on top of the €15.

Finally, we would like to remind everyone that at the end of every month, the board places its orders at nihonsport.nl. This is not only gi's and obi's, but also other accessories. So if you've run out of sporting tape or if you're sporting bag is in need of replacement, check it out and let the board know if you're interested in something. They will let you know if they can order something with a discount, and if so, with how much of a discount. The delivery costs are covered by the association and your order will arrive in the first week of the following month in the boards cabinet.

Kind regards

Jorick Koningstein Tresurer E.S.B.V. Samourais