Logo of E.S.B.V. Samourais

Benefits of becomming a member

A guy in shorts is very amused as he tries pole fitness

Seminars and guest trainings

We never miss an opportunity to learn something new. Whenever a seminar of a good teacher is planned, or a possibility of joint trainings with other clubs is available, we encourage our members to join. This includes van Lint week, when we compete with other clubs in non-Budo sports.

Three judocas promote a girl and present her a yellow belt

Kyu and dan exams

After you practiced a lot, it is time to evaluate your mastery. Once a year we provide our members an opportunity to take exams. The preparation is of course provided by the club.

A girl with a glass of beer is having fun on a party

Parties and barbeques

Party hard! We gather for a traditional Barbeque party at the end of the study year, celebrate X-mas with a cozy all-club dinner, and going for drinks to Stratum from time to time. Also, after trainings we gather at the canteen to have a drink or two. Friendly atmosphere is very important to us :)

Three people are holding guns for lazer tag

Lazer tag!

Last but not the least, from time to time we drop all that bare-hands approach and complicated ancient weaponry, and go shoot some score with futuristic lazer-guns. Everybody is welcome to join!