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Beginners course - Judo

Dear new Judoka's

Welcome to the introductory course in judo. We are thrilled that you have interest in our beautiful martial art.

Why the beginners course?

You may have some previous experience in judo, you may have not. Either is fine. The beginners course is there for you to take the initial hurdle on the mat. We do realise that starting a martial art might be challenging, but do not worry, we are there to help you. We are there to teach you the bare basic principles of judo. After finishing the beginners course, you will be able to join the regular lessons on Mondays and keep up with the level.

What is judo?

Judo - the gentle way - is a modern martial art, developed from the bare handed techniques the Samurai used in the battle field. The samurai employed these techniques to kill. Judo's founder -Jigoro Kano-, adapted them so that they can be practiced in a safe way. Techniques in judo include throws, chokes, bars, and pins. They are practiced in a safe environment, before they will be applied to randori (sparring), shiai (competition), or an exam.

The grading system - how do i get my next belt?

A judoka's belt is a measure of how long someone has practiced judo. Every judoka starts their journey with a white belt. By mastery of techniques, one can progress to yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, and eventually to black or higher. At the end of this introduction course we aim to take you to the next level - the yellow belt. The following techniques will be taught:

General: Dojo etiquettes
Ukemi waza
Break falls
Backward fall Forward roll Backward roll
Tachi waza
Translation Ne waza
(control techniques):
Backward roll
O soto gari Big outer reap Kesa gatame side control
O uchi gari Big inner reap Yoko shiho gatame 4 point side control
De Ashi barai Foot sweep Juji gatame crossed arm bar
O goshi Big hip throw Ude garame arm twist
Koshi guruma Hip wheel Hadaka jime naked choke
Ippon seoi nage Shoulder throw Kata juji jime crossed 1 point choke

As you can see, the names of the techniques are in Japanese. Do not worry if this seems too much, our experienced teachers will help you with this. Needless to say, at the exam we are not expecting you to show the techniques at the same level as they do or as you might find on Youtube. So don't get too intimidated. Keep working on your technical perfection and enjoy the experience.

Practicing with black belts:

It is very useful to practice with higher graded judoka's. In our club we have quite a few of them. They have an excellent feel for technique and many years of experience under their belt. Part of being a black belt, is to help other students in their education. It is their honour to help you with your progress. Do not feel like you are holding them back in their training and help them to help you.

Our trainers:

We have an experienced team of teachers consisting of Mathijs Vermeulen and Duco van Tuyl. They are thrilled to help you, or to answer any questions you may have.

Mathijs Vermeulen

4th dan (judo)

General judo trainer and trainer for the judo beginners course.

Duco van Tuyl

2nd dan (judo)

Randori class trainer.

The association

The Japanese martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, are organized within the SSC in collaboration with our sports association E.S.B.V. Samourais. To participate in the trainings of these martial arts, you will have to become a member of this association. Normally this costs €15,- per year, however since the year has already started, it will only be €10 for this year. The association is responsible for organising activities its members, like special trainings to experience a different martial art, joining local (student) competitions or enjoying a barbeque together. This and extra information can be found on our website: www.samourais.nl.

Some practical information

The beginners course is free. The exam costs €5. This covers the costs of your yellow belt and diploma. After the course, you will be a member of our student sport association, E.S.B.V. Samourais. and you will have to buy your own gi (equipment). This can be done with discount via the association on www.nihonsport.nl. Just send an e-mail to ESBVSamourais@gmail.com with the materials you would like to have and they will respond as quick as possible with the associated costs.

Have fun

Last but not least! We realise that you are a busy person, and that it is too late to become an olympic champion. It is good to be ambitious, but nothing will be accomplished without having a good time on our mat. Practice hard, but also enjoy our training. It is our mission to teach you judo in a safe and friendly environment. We hope that you will experience it in this way.

- Hajime