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Beginners course

Interested in one of the sports we have, but have no experience yet? Throughout the year we'll host beginner courses for all of our sports. Beginner courses allow you to try out whichever sport you like, at a very approachable level. However, if the sport you want to try isn't being taught in a beginners course at the moment, you can always join our regular classes for a try-out.

Starting September 2022 we host two beginners courses simultaneously: one for aikido and one for judo (check the main page for schedule). Both courses are free to participate, and take ten weeks. During these ten weeks you'll learn (a part of) the basics of the respective martial art. For both courses regular sportsclothing is sufficient, however if you have a gi you're encouraged to bring it with you.

During the judo beginners course you'll learn how to fall safely, several basic throws, pins, and joint-locks. At the end of the course you have the possibility of trying out for your yellow belt. After the beginners-course you have the option to get membership, a Samourais shirt, and a yellow belt, with a discount. If you're looking for info about the judo beginnerscourse we have the Judo beginners course flyer, which is slightly outdated, but the techniques shown in the flyer are a good indication of what you'll learn during the course.

You can contact: bestuur@samourais.nl to enroll for a beginners course, but also if you have some other questions.