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Beginners course

Interested in judo or karate, but you have no experience yet?

ESBV Samourais offers you (students) a course of ten weeks where you can work towards getting your yellow belt. You will train with other white belts once a week for ten weeks on Tuesdays in SSC dojo. Course costs are €10 (This consists of €5 for the exam, and €5 for membership to Samourais). We will contact you about the payment after you have enrolled for the course.

The beginners course for karate will take place in the 1st quartile of the academic year, the beginners course for judo will take place in the 2nd quartile of the academic year, and the beginners course for bjj will take place in the 3rd quartile of the academic year.* The timeslot for the beginners course will be every tuesday from 18.00h-19.30h. For more information please check the Judo beginners course flyer or the Karate beginners course flyer.

You can contact: esbvsamourais@gmail.com if there are still questions and to enroll for the course.